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Meet Linda Potts – INDCO Catalog Manager

For 4 years now, Linda Potts has worked at INDCO as the catalog manager.  INDCO prints four catalogs a year and Linda makes sure those happens on schedule.  Linda runs analytics to verify INDCO is moving in the right direction.  Although Linda is very proficient in analytics from her previous roles, a business to business catalog company was very different for her.  She shared that coming to INDCO and a new position was a bit scary but also exciting and… Read More

Meet Don Koerber – INDCO Accounting

INDCO’s Accounting Department keeps us all in balance.  Don is an important member of the INDCO Team.  He has been with INDCO since 2006.  Don got his feet wet at INDCO – literally – within his first couple of months at INDCO the offices flooded and Don’s office was among those under water.  Don didn’t hesitate.  He jumped right in and helped with the cleanup.  He didn’t know that was going to be part of his job description but was… Read More

Meet Mark Heun – INDCO Engineer

INDCO offers mixing and dispersion equipment and related accessories direct to the end user.  Our direct sales distribution through a catalog and website allows INDCO to offer very competitive prices.  We have a qualified sales staff to help with your selection needs.  Something that sets INDCO apart is that we have a group of sales engineers readily available to help with advanced sizing and technical expertise.  These engineers can be contacted directly to discuss your needs.  Among our engineers, Mark… Read More

Meet Trevor Thien

INDCO is proud to have several employees whose tenure exceeds 20 years.  Trevor Thien joined the INDCO team in September of 1992 in the production department.  He has worked in the plant in several different capacities including shipping, assembly, production management, and today as a certified welder.  INDCO provides its employees with educational opportunities; Trevor has traveled to study propeller workmanship and has completed local courses in advanced welding. Trevor has experienced many changes and opportunities over the years from… Read More

Meet Marsha Cerhan

Marsha Cerhan is a valuable coworker at INDCO.  She currently holds the position of accounts receivable representative.  She will celebrate her 18th anniversary at INDCO in July 2013 and has worked in accounting throughout her tenure at INDCO.  She is a very detailed oriented individual and has been very successful in serving the accounting department.  According to Marsha she has done almost every task in the accounting department at one time or another. The changes Marsha has seen over the… Read More

Meet Robin Whitmer

A lot can be said about a company by looking at the tenure of its employees.  INDCO was founded in 1975 by a paint and coatings industry engineer who recognized a need for a company to supply quality mixing equipment.  In the last 37 years, INDCO has grown in response to customer demand and has increased the number of employees.  Many of our employees consider INDCO as part of their extended family; 35% of the workforce has 10 or more… Read More

Meet Jacinda Maudlin

INDCO is a thriving company in the mixing and dispersion market due to the work of many important employees.  Some are up front and accessible through the sales phone lines, attending trades shows, or directly shown on the website.  Many are behind the scenes but play just as an important role.  As we’ve grown over the years from traditional catalog company to a multi-channel digital marketer, Jacinda Maudlin, our Internet marketing manager has played an important part.  Jacinda celebrates 4… Read More

Meet Jeff Givans

Our production team is vital in building a superior product here at INDCO. Their dedication and attention to detail is crucial to meeting the level of quality our customers expect. INDCO is such a success because the people care about their results. Jeff Givans is one of those people. Jeff has been with INDCO since August 2000. Since his employment, he has been a part of the shipping, welding, polishing and production teams. Jeff has probably had the opportunity to… Read More

Meet Dianna Foster: INDCO Sales Representative

Dianna Foster is one of our terrific sales representatives here at INDCO. She is that friendly voice that greets you when you call us. Dianna will be celebrating 10 years at INDCO in January 2013 and has been a key part of our team making a difference for our customers. During all the hours of hard work INDCO employees still manage to have fun around the office. Dianna recently reflected on one of the funniest days at the office, “While… Read More

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