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Library of Industrial Mixing Technical Resources Available

We make every effort to provide our customers with as much support after the sale as we do throughout the buying process. We have compiled a library of manuals for our manufactured industrial mixing products and, when available, manuals for our distributed mixing products. We also have a growing number of helpful user education guides. The user education documents explain some of our products in more detail, as well as fundamentals of mixing and dispersion for the beginner. We are… Read More

Mixing Impeller Selection: Which Design is Best?

There are a multitude of mixing impeller designs available for industrial mixing, miscible liquids blending and solids suspension. Good material flow is essential to successful execution of these processes.  Hydrofoil impellers, marine style mixing propellers, axial flow turbines and radial flow turbines are all flow-producing impeller designs. Each impeller design has unique characteristics and they are not necessarily interchangeable on a given mixer. First, the horsepower required to drive any impeller type increases dramatically as diameter increases (power is proportional… Read More

Dispersion Blade Designs: A Brief Discussion

Dispersion blade design selection is usually based on batch viscosity, desired process results and experimentation. We offer 5 styles of dispersion blades in 304 stainless steel. Many are also available in 316 stainless steel or with a tungsten carbide coating for extended life.  The blade style can have a direct relationship to the results of your dispersion.  The following is a brief discussion of blade types relative to one another: All dispersion blade designs provide high shear.  The key differences… Read More

Fundamentals of Dispersion. A quick reference guide.

We manufacture a variety of dispersion blades and disperser equipment. Three key concepts surrounding dispersion are important to understand before ordering your dispersion blade or disperser. First-How dispersion works: Dispersion is a high-speed, high-shear process requiring more horsepower to successfully achieve than simple agitation for smaller batch sizes. As the dispersion blade turns, particles contact the blades and are broken apart. In the intense turbulence surrounding the blade, particles collide at high speeds and are further broken apart. Beyond the zone… Read More

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We have been in business for over 30 years serving the processing mixing requirements of thousands of companies. Our specialty is small and medium size mixers for batch sizes up to 5000 gallons. We keep a large stock of component parts, and as a result can fill 95% of orders within 2 working days. Along with our full line of industrial mixing products, we can engineer fully custom modified mixing systems that meet your full specifications.

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