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Rushton Impellers Have Arrived at INDCO!

INDCO now sells Rushton impellers, a popular style of turbine. Built for the most demanding liquid-gas, bioreactor and fermentation jobs, our Rushton impellers are high performance disc blade turbines made from durable materials. 316 stainless steel flat disc with six vertical evenly-spaced blades make these products extremely reliable, and their signature radial design moves material outwards and along interior tank walls. INDCO offers 3″-26″ diameter and up to a 2″ max bore. For information regarding keyways, optional surface finishes, or… Read More

3 Methods to Determine a Left Hand vs. Right Hand Propeller

In this video INDCO demonstrates how to determine a left hand versus a right hand mixing propeller. There are three methods used to differentiate a left hand versus a right hand propeller:   First Method – Blade Angle on Hub Identify the parts of your impeller – there will be 3 blades and a hub 1. Place blade flat on table 2. Observe the hub from a side angle to determine which way the blades are running 3. If blade… Read More

Choosing Your Impeller

1. Hydrofoil Impellers Standard Diameter: 3′ – 30″ Batch Type: Low Options: Keyways, Metric Bores, Additional Set Screws, Polishing, Electroposhing 2. Square Pitch Propellers Standard Diameter: 3′ – 20′ Batch Type: Low-Medium Options: Keyways, Clipping, Cutting, Pitch Changes, Metric Bores, Set Screws, Polishing, Electropolishing 3. Steep Pitch Propellers Standard Diameter: 3″ – 14″ Batch Type: Low – Medium Options: Keyways, Metric Bores, Additional Set Screws, Polishing, Electropolishing 4. Radial Flow Turbines Standard Diameter: 3″ – 30″ Batch Type: Low –… Read More

Mixing Impeller Options

You know the type of the impeller for your application; marine style, radial, axial, or hydrofoil but what else do you need to know before placing your order?  Many options are available for our impellers.  Our skilled in-house production team can manufacture impellers to meet custom specifications while still providing INDCO’s industry-best lead times. As an impeller’s diameter increases the hub diameter typically increases providing the option for larger bore sizes.  INDCO can custom bore the hub to sizes outside… Read More

Mixing Impeller Designs: Which One Do I Use?

Mixing impellers for industrial mixing, miscible liquids blending and solids suspension come in many sizes and designs.  Effective material flow is essential to successful results from each of these processes.  Hydrofoil impellers, marine style mixing propellers, axial flow turbines and radial flow turbines are all flow-producing impeller designs.  Each impeller design has unique characteristics and may not be interchangeable on a given mixer.  First, the horsepower required to drive any impeller type increases dramatically as diameter increases (power is proportional… Read More

Mixing Turbines: Do I need Axial or Radial Flow?

Industrial mixing impellers come in a wide variety of designs and sizes.  The term mixing “turbines” is generally reserved for a family of impellers consisting of a mounting hub machined from stainless steel round stock with three or four blades produced from flat plate welded to it.  The descriptors “axial” and “radial” are used with the two most common designs.  Although the steps to produce each style of turbine are similar, the orientation of the blades and therefore the applications… Read More

Mixing with a Closed Lid: Folding Impellers for Your Batch Size

Although open container mixing is a very common occurrence, mixing in containers with lids can also be accommodated.  Folding impellers enable entry through small container openings then expand to their operating diameter with mixer shaft rotation.  Mixing with the lid closed can prevent contamination and splashing, thereby minimizing time consuming clean up. Our standard 2-blade folding impellers, the FP-series, are sized for use with 2” bungs up to 6” IBC tote openings.  Bung-entering impellers, whether in pails or drums, expand… Read More

Swirling vs. Mixing: The Right Fluid Motion Matters

The liquid in your mixing tank is flowing rapidly and there is an unmistakable vortex from your center-mounted mixer.   So why are the results of your mixing process falling short of expectations?  If you’re working with light viscosity materials the problem may be that all that liquid movement is swirling vs. mixing.  In the design of mixing systems we quantify the volume of liquid pumped by a given impeller and also consider the flow pattern, or where that pumped liquid… Read More

Demands for Cost Savings: Stainless Steel vs. Aluminum Marine Style Propeller Line Options

A variety of styles, sizes, pitch, hand of rotation and material of construction are available in INDCO’s mixing impellers.  The 3-bladed marine style square pitch left hand stainless steel propeller is the most common style impeller used on INDCO mixers.  As described in earlier blogs, there are several benefits to using stainless steel in mixing scenarios frequently related to chemical resistance.  Stainless steel is found on all wetted parts of almost every INDCO mixer featured on the INDCO website and… Read More

How to Measure a Propeller or Impeller Diameter

We are often asked how to measure a propeller diameter.  The diameter of a circle is the distance from any point on the circle straight across the center to the opposite side of the circle.  In measuring a 2-bladed or 4-bladed impeller, simply measure the point from the outer most tip of the blade across the bore, or center hole, to the outer most tip of the opposite blade. The confusion lies when measuring a 3-bladed impeller.  In measuring a… Read More

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