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Tote Mixer Selection: Five Important Considerations

Production and distribution of liquid products in IBC totes has been a growing trend in the U.S. for several years. Bulk containers facilitate more efficient distribution of larger product volumes than other containers such as 55-gallon drums. INDCO has long been a provider of agitators for IBC’s with options including direct-drive tote cap mounted and gear-driven bracket mounted models. Our deluxe IBC Tote Mixers offer features for both operational efficiency and ergonomics. Especially when movement of the mixer from tote… Read More

Introducing INDCO’s New Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel IBC Tote Mixer

At INDCO, we always seek to expand our product line to meet the needs and demands of our customers. One such need we have seen regularly is for an industrial mixer to agitate viscous products in stainless steel intermediate bulk containers, or “totes”.  We have, therefore, introduced a new Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel IBC Tote Lid Mixer, our STL-series.  The product is suitable for a wide range of tote mixing applications including heavy-bodied paints and primers, varnishes and can be configured… Read More

Introducing the New Model 1540 Laboratory Mixer

INDCO and Caframo have teamed up to bring you a highly precision-controlled mixer and stand combination that provides the technical features of a laboratory stirrer for batches to 55 gallons (1540 Laboratory Mixer). With touchpad control, ½ horsepower motor, 50-1500 rpm speed range and maximum torque of 3,000 Nm this clamp-on style mixer is ready to attack materials as high as 180,000 cps. Precise control via PC or PLC can be achieved and a USB drive plug-in or DB9 connection… Read More

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We have been in business for over 30 years serving the processing mixing requirements of thousands of companies. Our specialty is small and medium size mixers for batch sizes up to 5000 gallons. We keep a large stock of component parts, and as a result can fill 95% of orders within 2 working days. Along with our full line of industrial mixing products, we can engineer fully custom modified mixing systems that meet your full specifications.

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