3 Methods to Determine a Left Hand vs. Right Hand Propeller

In this video INDCO demonstrates how to determine a left hand versus a right hand mixing propeller.

There are three methods used to differentiate a left hand versus a right hand propeller:


First Method – Blade Angle on Hub

Identify the parts of your impeller – there will be 3 blades and a hub

  • 1. Place blade flat on table
  • 2. Observe the hub from a side angle to determine which way the blades are running
  • 3. If blade angle runs from top left to bottom right it is a left hand propeller
  • 4. If blade angle runs from bottom left to top right it is a right hand propeller

Left Hand Impeller

left hand impeller

Right Hand Impeller


Second Method – Palm Demonstration

  • 1. Place the hub of the propeller in the palm of your hand
  • 2. Relax your thumb
  • 3. If your thumb lies comfortably on the blade in your left hand it is a left hand propeller. You can do the same with your right hand. If your thumb lies comfortably on the blade in your right hand it is a right hand propeller.

Third Method – Flow of Material


  • 1. With a clockwise rotating shaft a left hand propeller will direct your material flow downward. A right hand propeller will direct your material flow upward.
  • 2. A counterclockwise rotating shaft will produce the opposite flow results. 


These methods work for our square pitch and steep pitch propellers. To view the flow of material an AS Air Stirrer with a left hand and right hand propeller is used in water. A left hand propeller produces downward flow whereas a right hand propeller produces upward flow, when rotating clockwise viewed from above.

INDCO’s all-purpose mixing propellers are used for mixing, blending, agitating and liquid movement of all kinds. They are available in investment cast 316L stainless steel, roto dull or buffed #4 mirror finish, sand-cast 319 aluminum grade with dull finish and Hastelloy which provides greater corrosion resistance than stainless steel. All propellers come with set screws. Options such as clipping, cutting, pitch changes and electropolishing are also available. Contact Customer Service to learn more.

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