Commercial Paint Mixer Solutions

Industrial mixers chosen for commercial paint production are critically important.  New formulations are continually evolving in many ways.  Whether its new colors, longer-lasting sheen or perhaps increased protective properties these products require more complex production processes and specific equipment to guarantee each batch is produced repeatably and with full homogeneity.  Utilization of the right mixer during pigment addition, let down processing and, finally, suspension of settled solids can make the difference between poor product performance and success for the end… Read More

Customizable 55 Gallon Drum Mixers

INDCO, Inc offers one of the most diverse lines of industrial mixers, tanks and associated process accessories in the industry. While the majority of our sales consist of standard products we frequently make design modifications to suit a given customer application. Our engineers are directly accessible to our customers and we welcome the opportunity to work with them and customize our products to fit their exact needs. We are happy to brainstorm ideas, evaluate mixing applications or to simply size… Read More

What is a sealed mixing system?

TCM Series

Industrial mixing systems comprised of a mixing tank and a mounted rotating shaft mixer are extremely commonplace in liquid batch production and continuous process applications.  Most systems are open top or perhaps covered with a mixer that is top-mounted, side-mounted or bottom-mounted.  These set-ups are simple and economical as long as the process can be successfully completed without pressure, there are no hazards from the batch contents or a sterile environment is not a must.  For a relatively small percentage… Read More

Tote Mixer Selection: Five Important Considerations

Production and distribution of liquid products in IBC totes has been a growing trend in the U.S. for several years. Bulk containers facilitate more efficient distribution of larger product volumes than other containers such as 55-gallon drums. INDCO has long been a provider of agitators for IBC’s with options including direct-drive tote cap mounted and gear-driven bracket mounted models. Our deluxe IBC Tote Mixers offer features for both operational efficiency and ergonomics. Especially when movement of the mixer from tote… Read More

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We have been in business for over 30 years serving the processing mixing requirements of thousands of companies. Our specialty is small and medium size mixers for batch sizes up to 5000 gallons. We keep a large stock of component parts, and as a result can fill 95% of orders within 2 working days. Along with our full line of industrial mixing products, we can engineer fully custom modified mixing systems that meet your full specifications.

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